Tokaj Wine Region


Aszú is not the only wine in Tokaj – the region offers much more! Variety is the spice of life – and Tokaji wines, which can only be compared to the world’s best, offer their own style whether they be dry, late harvest, Szamorodni or Aszú.



The lovely village of Erdőbénye is a settlement embraced by vineyards and forests set in a gorgeous basin of the Tokaj Wine Region. This former market town still retains its late 19th-century charm.

Karádi-Berger Winery

Karádi-Berger Borászat

A small family-owned estate, the winery of Szilvia Karádi and Zsolt Berger. Our winemaking started in 2000 as a hobby with just 0.5 hectares, then in 2005 we bought the delightful building which is our winery in Erdőbénye.

  • Palandor
  • Narancsi
  • Wine tasting
  • Cellar and wine house


A south-facing dűlő (vineyard), the upper third of the south-facing Sajgó-hegy (once called Előhegy).


Southwest-facing dülő (vineyard) with rhyolite tuff on the range of hills between Erdőbénye and Tolcsva.

Wine tasting - Karádi-Berger Winery

Tastings are held in the garden, the cellar or the house – depending on the weather and season.


We bought the house of a former winemaker house in Erdőbénye which once belonged to the Szirmay estate. Later it became the residence of wine merchants. The last owner was the family of Armenian merchant Gyula Azbej.

… At the moment I almost melt when I open one of my cellared bottles – and not because in the meantime it won Pannon Bormustra top wine category…

Tokaji Furmint 2004 Tokaji Furmint 2004